In India all the herbs are accessible through more than 8000 plants. 80% part of the herbs is extracted from jungles. That simply means all the Ayurvedic companies harvest the jungles for their own purpose or profit. All the mediators and distributers of herbs in the market harvest the jungles for their purpose and demand high cost for these products.

Under consideration of this thing we started a program namely, contract farming. The main motto of this program is to take control over such mediators and provide the herbs at affordable rates. Additionally, we use this farming facility to innovate our Ayurvedic products also. Through this program we eliminate the chances to look around the distributors.
We fulfill our all requirement through our farming and also want to cut off the market of the mediators. With this program we are trying to help nature also as we don’t harvest jungles and manage the requirement of herbs by our own farming effort.

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