Do you have an old car which has been rusting in your backyard for years?

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Publish Date : 2021-03-06 08:01:59
Do you have an old car which has been rusting in your backyard for years?

We will pay you top cash for scrap metal Gold Coast without holdup, no downtime here right on the same day of scrap car removal. 

Remember, Adrians is paying you top cash for smashed and broken down vehicles. One of the other you want to get rid of a car with petite mechanical issues or cars with blown-out engines or even if your car is virtually not running we will also pay Cash For Scrap Metal Gold Coast.


Cash for cars near me 

A car which you are thinking is not worth $1 might worth up to $9,999. The value for your car is based on the year, make, model and state of the vehicle.

Cash for cars near me pride on delivering the best service right across Gold Coast. Selling an old broken car might show you stars in a day. To go through a hassle-free removal of car for cash you are at the right spot.


We are open to buying vehicles of any make and model.

American make 

• Ford

• Jeep

• Dodge

• Tesla

• Holden

• Chevrolet

• Chrysler

European make


• Opel

• Audi

• Fiat

• Porsche

• Mercedes

• Volkswagen

• Alfa Romeo brand

Japanese make

• Lexus

• Subaru

• Isuzu

• Toyota

• Nissan

• Suzuki

• Daihatsu

• Mitsubishi


Adrian’s Cash for Cars Gold Coast offers scrap metal recycling and collection services in Gold Coast and pay you the most competitive prices in the industry.

We recycle your scrap metal Gold Coast and save the planet from the harmful greenhouse gas emissions that are the leading cause of the damage to ozone layers.

By collecting and processing scrap metal, we also help in reducing the environmental impacts of mining raw materials from the underground and reduce up to 95 percent of mining waste.

If you have an unwanted scrap metal littering your home or workplace, sell it to us, and we will pay you cash for scrap metal.

Get Top Cash for Scrap Metal

We offer cash for scrap metal Gold Coast and pay you the best price. Adrian’s is the most professional and lucrative way to dispose of your unwanted scrap metal.

Do you know when you sell scrap metal for cash, you will get the opportunity to claim the insurance on metal?

It’s all possible if you choose a certified and licensed scrap metal buying company such as Adrians. We will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that will be applicable everywhere the insurance is claimable.

This certificate will be your guarantee that your metal is destroyed ethically and ensure that it doesn’t end up lying in your backyard or workplace.

We are a scrap metal recycling and buying company based in Gold Coast that offers on the site metal weighing and provide a fair value that best suits you.

We buy Gold Coast cars for cash irrespective of their external and internal condition.

It is worth mentioning that when you go for car removal Gold Coast, be calm because we will bear all the travelling expenses without charging a single penny from you.

Money For Recycling Gold Coast is about taking the burden off your shoulders by offering a quick and reliable service that turns your trash into cash on the same day of car removal service.

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