How to Take Care of Velvet Clothing and Household Things

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How to Take Care of Velvet Clothing and Household Things

Do you love to wear velvet clothes during the winter season? If yes, then you must be in love with velvet garments and crushed velvets that have decorative trim. Different kinds of apparel have been made from velvet such as – gowns, dresses, coats, pants, jackets and capes. It is extremely popular for the household items like drapes and furniture covers.


What should you know about velvet?


From ancient times, velvet is considered to be the fabric of royalty. Earlier, blue velvet had been reserved exclusively for use by French king, his family and other subjects.


Velvet is made of silk, rayon, acetate or blend of fibers that consist of closely woven pile. Velvets are prepared on a double action loom. The two layers of fabric have been woven together and the space between them is generally interlaced through connecting yarns.


Different kinds of problems experienced by velvets


Velvet may face different problems such as – flattening, loss of pile, matting, tufting, shrinkage and pilling. The crushed velvets usually have the inclination to face loss of design as well as distortion due to wear. The velvets being made of acetate pose might experience certain problems such as – pile may turn flattened permanently through heat, pressure or moisture. Due to this reason, the pile on acetate velvet dress will possibly show some effects of wear.


How to keep the velvets perfectly fit for royalty purpose


  • You need to hang your velvet garments in a properly ventilated closet after wearing.
  • When the velvet garment becomes wet, you should not put pressure as this might flatten the pile.
  • Avoid ironing the velvets and hang them in your bathroom to steam garments for removing the wrinkles.
  • You have to clean your velvet garments immediately after using them.
  • Shake away extra spills from your fabric and then allow them to dry completely. You should not blot or apply any pressure in the damp areas.


How to take care of velvets


Velvet is definitely beautiful but it can be really hard to take care of them. Read on to know how you can keep velvet clothes look good for a long time.


How to clean the velvet properly


If there is a pile on the velvet, then it might be really difficult to clean properly and most velvets can be dry cleaned only. You are advised to carry out a patch test on a discrete area to find out whether the treatment will work without causing any kind of damage to the fabric.


How you can remove the stains completely


  • If there is a stain mark on the garment, then brush velvet gently round the stain area with a brush for soft clothes or cloth to get rid of it. Take a clean lint-free cloth that has been dampened through tepid water to dab stain marks gently and then move up and down
  • If stain marks are still there, then you can mix washing liquid with lukewarm water and then apply it till it has good suds. After this, you may use your cloth to put the suds on the fabric and then dab till the stain mark disappears. You will have to remove residue by rubbing with dry lint-free cloth.
  • Try to blot properly by using dry cloth to eliminate extra water and brush the pile back into proper place.


Washing or dry cleaning in London


You need to read through the label on the garment carefully to know whether it is safe enough to wash or it should be dry cleaned. Since the velvet has been made from silk or cotton, you should get it dry-cleaned as the shape, colour and pile of the garment may get ruined due to washing. But if the velvet has been made of synthetic fabric, then you can wash it anytime.


Drying or washing the velvet


  • Treat the stains before washing them as these stain marks may ‘set’ the pile of fabric.
  • Dissolve soap flakes into the lukewarm water at a temperature of 30°C.
  • Add garment and rub stain marks gently
  • Squeeze the extra water out gently from washing and rinse clothes with lukewarm water till all the soap gets removed.
  • Squeeze to remove extra water and air dry your garments by hanging it on coat hanger. If the garment has been made of stretch velvet, then it is advised to dry on the flat surface.
  • Use brush for your soft clothes to brush nap in the right direction so that the garment dries properly.


How you can press the velvet


You may remove unwanted creases and restore pile by hanging garments on a clothes hanger or:

  • Try to place it in the steamy bathroom.
  • Take a steamer of around 10cm from the fabric’s surface to move it in the direction of your nap.
  • Use iron on the steam setting of 10cm approximately from the velvet’s surface by moving in the direction of the nap. You are advised not to touch the velvet at the time of ironing.

Thus, if you find there are stain marks on your velvet garment, then you should bring it to the dry cleaners. The stain removal experts will help to get rid of the stain completely so that you can restore the clothes for many years.

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