Singhania university transcript

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Singhania university transcript

The University was created by Rajasthan's government under Ordinance 6 of 2007. According to Section 2f of the UGC Act 1956, it is a UGC-recognized university.

The campus, which is around 30 acres in size, is beautiful and distant from the hustle and bustle of the city. The tranquility of the hills all about creates an ideal learning and study environment on campus. Smt. Narmada Devi Singhania, the founder's mother, was the driving force behind the establishment of singhania university transcript.

Singhania University was founded on October 21, 2007, by Shri D.C. Singhania, a renowned visionary and philanthropist, with the goal of providing world-class education while utilizing cutting-edge academic and administrative facilities. The University has a well-stocked and furnished library, well-equipped labs, a variety of indoor and outdoor games and sports, majestic hostels for boys and girls, well-furnished faculty cottages, wide-open spaces, lush green lawns, flowerbeds, and well-kept orchards in sylvan surroundings, and a variety of indoor and outdoor games and sports.

Singhania University has world-class facilities, highly skilled and motivated faculty, and a superb academic and intellectual environment.

The University focuses on the holistic development of students, addressing their academic, cultural, physical, and social needs in an environment that fosters constant interaction and progress, conducive to mind and body enrichment. The faculty is dedicated to providing high-quality education by putting all of their skills and knowledge into it. The University strives to generate not just outstanding academic outcomes, but also outstanding and successful professionals.

Courses offered by Singhania University

Certificate Course –

•           Certificate in UP VAIDYA

•           Certificate in Computer Hardware & Maintenance

•           Certificate in Electrician

•           Certificate in Fireman

•           Certificate in library science

•           Certificate in Neurophysiology

•           Certificate in Physical Education

•           Certificate in Sanitary Inspector

Bachelor Course –

•           Bachelor in Event Management

•           Bachelor in Hotel Management

•           Bachelor in Journalism & Mass Communication

•           Bachelor of Acting and Film Studies

•           Bachelor of Business Management

•           Bachelor of Commerce

Diploma course –

•           Diploma in Interior Design

•           Diploma in Poultry Production

•           Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management

•           Diploma in Anesthesia

•           Diploma in Architecture

•           Diploma in Education

•           Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Doctorate course –

•           Doctor of Letters in English

•           Doctor of Letters in Hindi

•           Doctor of Letters in Law

•           Doctor of Letters in Management

•           Doctor of Letters in Pharmacy

•           Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture

Masters –

•           Master of Arts in Psychology

•           Master of Arts in Sanskrit

•           Master of Arts in Sociology

•           M.B.A. in Agri-Business Management

•           M.B.A. in Agriculture and Marketing Management

•           M.B.A. in Airline & Airport Management

•           M.B.A. in Aviation & Safety Management

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