Special chemical products are materials used according to their properties or functions

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Special chemical products are materials used according to their properties or functions

Special chemicals (also known as special or effect chemicals) are special chemical products, which can produce various effects, and many other industrial sectors rely on it. Some categories of special chemicals include adhesives, agricultural chemicals, cleaning materials, pigments, cosmetic additives, building chemicals, elastomers, spices, food additives, spices, industrial gases, lubricants, paints, polymers, surfactants and textile AIDS. Other industrial sectors, such as automobiles, aerospace, food, cosmetics, agriculture, manufacturing and textiles, are highly dependent on these products.

Special chemical products are materials used according to their properties or functions. Therefore, in addition to "effect" chemicals, they are sometimes referred to as "performance" or "formula" chemicals. They can be unique molecules or molecular mixtures called formula. The physical and chemical properties of a single molecular or molecular formula mixture and the composition of the mixture affect the performance of the final product. In commercial applications, companies that provide these products often provide targeted customer services for innovative personal technology solutions. This is a different component of the services provided by professional chemical producers compared to other branches of chemical industries such as fine chemicals, commodity chemicals, petrochemical and pharmaceutical.

In the United States, specialty chemical manufacturers are members of the association of chemical manufacturers and their subsidiary bodies (SOCMA). In the UK, SOCMA, a member of the British Association of chemical professionals (BACs), noted: "special chemicals are different from commodity chemicals, each chemical may have only one or two uses, and commodities may have dozens of different uses for each chemical." Although commodity chemicals account for the majority of production (weight) in the global market, at any given time, special chemicals account for the majority of commercial diversity (the number of different chemicals). "

Production of special chemicals

Special chemical products are usually produced by batch processing technology in batch chemical plants. Batch processing refers to the production of a certain amount of products with fixed raw materials in a certain time. Batch processing usually introduces the accurately measured starting materials into the container within a predetermined and predetermined time interval, and then carries out a series of processes, including mixing, heating, cooling, more chemical reactions, distillation, crystallization, separation, drying, packaging, etc. The manufacturing process is supported by quality testing, storage, storage, product logistics and other activities, and is managed through recycling, processing and disposal of by-products and waste logistics. For the next batch, the equipment may be cleaned and the above process repeated.

Most special chemical products are organic chemicals, which are widely used in daily products used by consumers and industries. This is a consumer driven industry, so the special chemical industry must be innovative, entrepreneurial and consumer driven. Compared with the production of commercial chemicals usually carried out in large-scale single product production units for achieving economies of scale, specialized production units need to be flexible, because the product, raw materials, process and operating conditions and equipment combinations may change periodically to respond to the needs of customers.

In the UK, many professional chemical companies are members of the British Association of chemical professions (BACs) and the Chemical Industry Association (CIA). Most of these companies have their own manufacturing units in northern England, for example, to see the members of the northeast of England who are members of the process industry cluster (nepic) in the north-east of England.

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