What are the categories of road signs?

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What are the categories of road signs?

Are you aware there are more than 500 approved road signs in use? Road signs are there to help road users to stay safe. You need to understand and observe the road signs to make you a safer driver. There are various types of road signs, and each one has a specific meaning. Some road signs are used in all countries, while others are used in certain countries.

There are three primary types of traffic signs: warning, order information signs. The shape of a sign communicates essential information, and the purpose of the sign is to guide you even in poor visibility conditions.

  1. Warning signs

They are used to show the presence of a hazard ahead, warn of special conditions on or near the roadway, and advise the driver of potential danger. The most common are curves, speed change, intersections, and railroad or light rail crossings warning signs. These road safety signs are also used to mark hazards that cannot be seen in time to avoid them. They include a school bus stop or a pedestrian crossing. Road safety signs that warn road users are triangular. Usually, warning signs tend to point upwards and will often have an image of a hazard.

Examples of warning signs are:

  • Mind the step and slippery caution floor
  • Fragile roof
  • A junction on a bend
  • zebra crossing
  • Hot water caution signs.

Lastly, when a car stalls on the road, or when there is an accident or incident, drivers are expected to display warning signs. This tells other drivers that there is trouble ahead and they should approach cautiously. All drivers should have these small rectangular signs in their cars at all times.

  1. Informative road signs

Road signs give you supplementary information about conveniences and services that are available along the road. They tell you things like if there is:

  • A road ahead, whether straight or curved
  • A bridge or a tunnel
  • Or even the road is narrow

This kind of information is essential to know if it is safe to drive and how you should drive. Road safety signs that are made to give you information are rectangular in shape.

Examples of informative road signs include those that show:

  • Petrol stations
  • Hospitals
  • Parking and malls
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  1. Signs that give orders

The other category of road safety signs is those that give road users orders. Most of These signs are circular, and they tell you what you must or must not do. The order signs provide you with a wide range of information, from the recommended speed limits to where and when to turn.

Examples of order signs are: ahead only, turn left or right, no parking, no stopping, no entry, stop and give way, no lane changing, cycling restriction, to mention a few.

In conclusion, road signs give the information and rules that communicate messages to road users to maintain order. The road signs will help prevent injuries and keep you aware of any hazards or dangers ahead. In addition, they also help ensure the flow of traffic. All drivers are advised to take road safety signs seriously to protect themselves and other road users.

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