Indian Wedding Photographers In Auckland Price

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Indian Wedding Photographers In Auckland Price

Over the years, Lin and Jirsa have honed their skills in Indian wedding photography. We began many years ago with one Indian wedding and were then referred to another. The influence grew from there, and now Indian couples account for the majority of our weddings. The journey has been incredible, and we consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of the Indian community, photographing some of the world's most intricate, grand, and beautiful weddings. Indian Wedding Photography Styles

We cater to all kinds of Indian weddings, including Hindu, Sikh, and other religious ceremonies. We've discovered the intricacies of various Indian wedding ceremonies as well as what to look out for. We know the camera angles to use and what the most important wedding activities are for each ceremony. We will capture every important moment, making both the couple and their families happy with the Wedding Pictures, Wedding Albums, and overall experience with Lin and Jirsa Photography, as we are specialists in Indian Wedding Photography. Photographing Indian Weddings at a Discount

We recognise that Indian wedding photography necessitates specialist pricing due to the fact that most are multi-day affairs. We provide unique Indian wedding packages that provide coverage for Mehndi Parties, Sangeets, and, of course, the Big Day. We also have hourly rates for other Indian Wedding Ceremonies and Activities if you need extra coverage for other wedding or pre-wedding events. For more details, please contact us using the form below.

We focus on documenting the most significant wedding moments with ingenuity in addition to photographing them. In our photography, we're always looking for reflections, fascinating foregrounds and backgrounds, and the perfect light. We will produce beautiful, artistic imagery for your Indian wedding using our unique combination of lighting techniques and creative post production.

Our ability to capture all of the vivid colours with our different techniques has been a big part of our success with Indian wedding photography. Unless the scene and image warrant it, we don't use too many "Vintage Fades" or other desaturated processing techniques. Instead, we use strategies to bring out the colours in order to capture the entire dynamic spectrum of the scene in the majority of our photography. We use all of the resources, equipment, and experience we've accumulated over the years to capture all of the amazing action, colours, and emotions at your Indian wedding, from HDR imaging techniques to advanced flash photography. We've also established our own post-production style and produced best-selling Lightroom Presets to ensure that our clients get consistently great pictures.

One of our favourite elements of an Indian wedding is the Baraat. The mixture of excitement and suspense, as well as the dancing and music, creates a vivid and dynamic scene to photograph. From magnificent elephants to stunning horses, we've seen the groom arrive on a variety of imaginative and beautiful animals and stuff. And rickshaws flown in from India have been spotted. Whatever happens during the Baraat, we'll be there to record it.

Daytime Indian Wedding Portraits – We love capturing our bride and groom in their beautiful wedding attire during the day. Individual portraits of the bride in her typical Indian bridal attire and the groom in his Indian groom's attire are often taken first. Following that, we move on to our couple's portraits, where we know it's critical to get a mix of conventional, artistic, scenic, personal, and candid/natural images. We can get all of these in a short period of time thanks to our photography skills. Here are a few examples of our Indian wedding portraiture:

Nighttime Indian Wedding Portraits – We can shoot your wedding at any time of day, whether it's in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Here are a few examples of our late-night couple portraiture for Indian wedding clients. We focused on capturing the romantic mood of the scene in these images while also using the lights and environment to add interest to the overall images.

Though sacred and religious, Indian wedding ceremonies are often full of emotion and candid moments. Our approach is to capture a rare blend of wide angle and close-up images from a range of perspectives, expecting smiles and emotional moments during the Indian wedding ceremony. We know, for example, that when a bride is blessed by the married women in her life, there will be powerful emotional moments, and we know how to place ourselves to catch them. We also know that after the couples walk around the fire, there is a strong chance for some great laughs as they compete to be the first to sit!

An Indian wedding's Sangeet is typically more elaborate than a traditional wedding reception. The Sangeet is included in our Indian wedding photography kit, so you'll have all of those unforgettable toasts, performances, and candid moments captured forever.We typically arrive 10-20 minutes before the scheduled arrival time of the guests so that we can take some pictures of the room when it is totally empty. Following that, we catch candid moments as guests arrive and take their seats. We begin a couples session with the bride and groom as soon as they arrive, which typically lasts 20 minutes while the guests are seated. We faithfully record all of the evening's moments from there.

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