Top Things to Do in New York

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Top Things to Do in New York

New York City – A place where dreams come True : This is known to the world that New York City is a year-round attraction. The city is so big that you could live four lifetimes here but still not experience all the beautiful things it has to offer. Some folks like to go on holiday to a place where they can enjoy the hustle and bustle of life. New York itself is an entirety where one could get lost without even noticing.  

Coney Island:

The place is by the beachfront and has a circus look-a-like appearance with an impressive variety of rides and fun activities. The place is an entertainment hub for Brooklyn town during summers. Impressive drinks and delicious food, including some best places such as Gargiulo's, Totonno's Pizza, and Coney Island Brewery, will leave your tongue-tied. You can enjoy a delicious cone of ice cream while waiting in line for an extremely demanded Cyclone roller coaster for an experience of a lifetime. The place is just a few Air France Reservation away, so why wait! Hop along.

Central Park:

Remember the famous garden from some of the renowned Hollywood movies and shows? Yeah, You got it right. Simply, six hundred ninety-three acres of nothing but perfection. Cobblestone pathways, fountains, beautiful monuments, sculptures, arches everything, one better than the other, leaves you amazed. Just a small stroll down the lane would give an experience of a lifetime.

Some Must do attractions: 

A little shopping time in the fifth avenue streets, the reflexive attraction of MET museum, and its valuable art collection, a ticket for some Broadway show will do you some good. The city is lukewarm in summers and stone cold in winters with chilling air freezing your soul. The city has five boroughs located right at the point where Hudson joins the Atlantic. Singer ‘Billy Joel’  attempts to sing about the unexplainable beauty of the town in his song ‘New York state of mind.’  The words go like, ‘But I'm taking' a Greyhound on the Hudson River line, I'm in a New York state of mind’ yeah that explains the mood. 

Statue of liberty is one main attraction that attracts people from around the world with its holy charm. A view of the Empire State building and world-known Times Square can make millions fall in love at a single glance. The city changes its beauty in different seasons including, fall, winters, and moist summer air. All you have to do is get your Spirit Airlines reservations, and you’re all set for the city of life.

During summertime, the winter sleep of the city breaks, and it comes out of the hibernation in full enthusiasm and buzz. Local food places and bistros start putting tables out on the sideways, and the weather turns lukewarm. The travelers go for a long walk in West Village and Williamsburg. 

During exploring all these places, do not forget to see the undying beauty of the famous Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Museum. Amidst all this chaos and liveliness, There lives 9/11 museum reminding us of the terrorist attacks that happened in the city.  Pay your tributes there to all those who lost their lives. 

Speaking of New York, how can we forget the famous New-York Pizza! The city is a hub for several delicious mouth-watering dishes. It is a place for all the foodies to be. Here we conclude our article, now it is your turn to do the adventure in the Big Apple. We hope you have a fun ride being there.

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