3 Benefits of Terrazzo Repair

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Publish Date : 2021-03-23 06:29:24
3 Benefits of Terrazzo Repair

Terrazzo is made up of processed marble, granite or glass chips bonded together with either Epoxy or Portland kind of   Clients are able to choose from a wide mixture of different chips for their Terrazzo floor. Along with picking out different chips, you can also decide different types of pigments for the Epoxy or Cement.

Divider strips are utilized to create panels for floors made up of Terrazzo, when using contrasting colors of cement and stones. These divider strips can of zinc, brass, alloy or even of wood. Divider strips can be fudged to create a design such as names or symbols.

If your terrazzo floor has lost its appealing high gloss shine due to UV rays or long-term wear, you can restore this look. Terrazzo Restoration is also the suggested option if you’ve got holes on the surfaces. The holes may cause liquid stains to seep into your floor and change the color of it. When you are considering whether to go for tile cleaning or marble restoration, it is advisable to have a close look at your terrazzo surface.

you can easily restore the terrazzo shine on your dull looking floor. Start with Preparing the floor, sweeping the debris, grinding the terrazzo, patching up the cracks and holes. Followed by an Inspection of your floor for sticky -dull spots before sealing and polishing it. Remember restoration is cheaper and easy than changing your integral floor. It is always advisable to keep sand and debris off the floor for keeping your Terrazzo sparkling clean. Sweep the floor as often as possible because debris act as an abrasive and could damage the floor.

Terrazzo floor damage also occurs during the removal of masking such as rug or linoleum tiling. The consequent is chips, holes, and pits all over the terrazzo surfaces.

Depending on the extent of damage you may hire a terrazzo repair professional like Poshfloors.

If you decide to undertake a DIY project, think back that terrazzo restoration only makes significance if done right. Other than that, your terrazzo problems will go on showcasing signs of harm, and you’ll still end up having to call in the pros in any case. It is always recommended to consult a professional like us.

We provide all kind of Terrazzo Restoration Services that offer a lots of benefits. The benefits outweigh the costs and labor that go into the repairing process.  With a proper repairs of terrazzo floor, we assure you the following:

  1. No mold or mildew on the floors. With the terrazzo surface properly resealed during repair, the moisture will not be able to penetrate into the cement parts of the terrazzo, that otherwise encourages the growth of such fungal organisms.
  2. Higher home resale value. Terrazzo restoration of flooring enhances the value of the houses. Many of the home buyers know the importance of a rightly restored thing, in points of functionality and aesthetics.
  3. Low-maintenance- rightly done terrazzo floor should be appropriately sealed and polished. This reduces costs of maintenance significantly, since you won’t have to clean it ever so often to maintain its appearance.


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