Record to Keep When Renting Apartments

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Record to Keep When Renting Apartments

Every tenant or owner tries their best to avoid legal issues regarding the properties they are renting. The occurrence of disputes and clashes or any misunderstandings between the tenant and owner are always there, which are not easy to resolve without evidence. For minimizing these clashes and disputes, both parties need to keep a record of legal documents.

When renting apartments, there are several documents that are exchanged between the owner and the tenant. But not all the documents you exchanged are significant or worthy to keep for long. There are a few legal documents that play a vital role in resolving legal issues, and only such documents are a must to keep. But how to figure out which documents to keep and which to discard is a lot of work and problematic for tenants. Such problems can be minimized when you opt for professional property dealers as they will guide you in every aspect to keep everything professional.

Keep scrolling down the article to explore more about the types of records and documents you need to keep when renting apartments.

Top 6 Documents to Keep When Renting an Apartment

Deals made verbally or through communications are quicker and less time-consuming, but their consequences are not something to accept. When you are renting an apartment, make sure you are not making deals only through communication. There should always be some paperwork done to make sure things are going the right way, and there are no gaps for clashes in the future.

Following are some of the records that you must keep till the end when renting apartments or any property.

1. Lease agreement report

An agreement is signed between the two parties agreeing upon the terms and conditions put forth by both parties. Keep this document until you do not move out so that you have to prove any point with evidence if needed. Most dealers avoid making written agreements, and you must not fall for such traps. People prefer apartments for rent in Jumeirah village circle as all the deals are made legally and in the easiest way.

2. Invoices and receipts

The record of monthly payments must be kept as a record no matter what is the form or method of payment. There are usually misunderstandings between the owner and tenant regarding the full payments or rents. That is why whenever a payment is done from the tenant’s side, it must be recorded and approved by the owner so that they do not question the originality of the document or record.

3. Vacate notices

It is always decided between the tenant and owner that whenever the owner asks the tenant to vacate the place, it will be at least be a month before. When the owners send the vacate notice, it is important to keep it until you are asked to vacate. It is because the owner may create trouble for you to vacate the place before the mentioned date. With the vacate notice, you can get the legal help and time, which is every tenant’s right.

4. Condition report

A condition report is one of the most important documents when buying properties, but they are also important when renting an apartment. The tenant must ask for the condition report before moving in so that they are aware of the condition of the place. When you have a condition report in hand, the owner cannot make unnecessary claims regarding the property. They will only charge you the amount for the damage caused during your stay, not for the damage caused by previous tenants.

5. Security deposit records

Before moving into the apartment, the tenant pays a security amount to the owner, which is refundable when they move out. The chances of the owner backing out from giving you back this deposit money are always there. You must keep a record of your security deposit transaction so that you do not face any financial loss.

6. Repair request document

A repair request document is sent by the tenant to the owner, which enlists the things that require repairs and maintenance. It is important to keep because you can compare the things that are repaired after the request is made. If there are no repairs made despite mentioning them, you can remind them over and over again to the owner. You consider the apartments for rent in JVC, where you do not have to worry about repairs as they are newly constructed and in good condition.

Keep all the records to minimize disputes!

The first and foremost thing in finalizing an apartment for rent is to opt for legal methods of making the deal. A deal between a tenant and an owner is said to be legal if they include paperwork and have evidence for every deal and transaction made. So, make sure to keep these records intact and provide them as evidence when needed. Only professional and experienced dealers will encourage the legal processes of renting properties, so consult the professionals.

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