These are the Top-Rated Colors for Face Painting

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Publish Date : 2021-12-19 16:22:42
These are the Top-Rated Colors for Face Painting

Whether you’re cosplaying for an event or doing it because you love it, face painting is fun. There’s a reason why it’s hugely popular at children’s parties. They get to imagine themselves as cats, unicorns, bears or their favorite superheroes. That’s why lots of adult clients love it, too. It’s all about the transformation. If you’re thinking about attending an event, and you need to be in costume, going to face painting sessions brings the experience to a whole new level. If you’re looking to make the most out of every session, invest in the right paints, colors, and kits. Here are some of the most popular shades you should have in your collection.

Best Colors for Face Painting

· White. You have plenty of uses for the white. For instance, before you do any designs, some pros apply a layer of white to lock in the design better. That’s just one of the many uses of the color, so you’ll want to invest in more than one tub. But one will do for now, especially for a beginner.

· Black. You can use black for the details and outlines, so it’s a color you’ll often see in many designs. That means you’ll need to invest in one as good as the brand and quality of your white face paint.

· Red, yellow, blue. These are the primary colors, and you should have them in your kit, so you can mix and match the color palettes to create other shades. Some face painting kits have eight colors to start with. You’ll want to try those kits out.

How to Choose Kits

· First, you should always choose kits that are water-based since these are good for your skin. Oil-based paints and alcohol-based paints last longer, which is why pros prefer them. But if you’re doing face painting sessions for parties with kids or adult clients, it’s best that you go with water-based options. That way, it won’t cause any allergic reactions. It’s also easier to wash off.

· Consider the quality. What do the reviews say? Reach out to fellow face painters and get their advice and opinion. They can help you avoid making costly mistakes by buying the wrong kind of kits and paints. Excellent-quality paints last long and are better absorbed by the skin. That means the designs come off better. That’s one of the reasons why you should pick quality options.

· Make sure it’s mixable paint. Not all paints might be as easy to mix, so that’s something you’ll want to check before you shop for paints.

· Consider the rest. When you shop for face painting kits, you’ll encounter plenty of options. Consider what’s included. Some kits have a sponge, brush, and lots of colors ready. Some have a guide on how you can do popular designs. That’s a good kit for you.

Where to Buy the Kits?

Look for a trustworthy seller or source online. Check the delivery time frame to see how long it will take. Don’t forget to check for any promos or discount offers.

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