What are The Types of Digital Display Screens?

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Publish Date : 2021-09-26 17:21:39
What are The Types of Digital Display Screens?

Today's digital display screens are diverse, thanks to innovations in technologies. They can be flat, curved, still or moving, displaying texts, videos, and other visuals. The types of digital displays screen vary by size and dimensions. They also vary by their intended use - uni-directional or bi-directional projection is one differentiating factor among them all.

What is Digital Display Screen?

A digital display screen is an electronic device that uses electrical signals to produce images, usually on a flat surface such as a computer monitor, mobile phone screen, or television. The colors produced by these devices are called electronic color, digital colors, or P3.

Types of the Digital Display Screen

There are various types of digital display screens such as CRTs, LCDs, OLEDs, ELD etc.

1. CRT Screens

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) screens are the most common type of digital display screen; they use a beam of electrons to scan an image across the screen, producing visible light as a result. They are used primarily for computer and video games because of their excellent quality and high resolution.

Some CRTs may flicker, in which case it is called 'tearing'. They are flat screens that have an anti-reflective coating and a digital video input signal.

2. LCD Screens

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens display color and can be created using a liquid crystal and a backlight. These screens require power to activate the pixels. LCDs have recently replaced CRTs as the most common digital display screen because of their larger displays and lower prices.

They have very high resolution and can have over 300 PIP on mobile phones. They can also display a wide range of colors while maintaining a high quality of their output.

3. OLED Screens

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) Screens use organic materials to produce light instead of a liquid crystal material. They do not need a backlight and can be extremely thin and flexible.

They can also be curved or rolled into tubes, which makes them ideal for watch screens. OLED screens have saturated colors and a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees and consume lower amounts of power. Additionally, they offer high-quality pictures and have a faster response time.

4. ELD Screens

The ELD screen is an electronic display designed to show a motor vehicle's status and information on a motor vehicle's dashboard. They display infotainment systems, navigation systems' data, safety and security features on a screen. ELD screens are used as displays for On-Board Diagnostic systems that check a vehicle's engine during operation.

They are either built into the dashboard or can be appended to it. They can incorporate many other components such as a touchscreen, handwriting recognition, and voice recognition. ELDs are also used in a fleet maintenance operation to monitor how vehicles are performing in maintenance chains.


The technology of digital display screens is constantly evolving and expanding to cater to modern requirements. The devices that produce them are getting smaller and displaying images in more vivid images, which will provide users with a comfortable, fun and productive experience. Feel free to contact us if you want a digital display screen.

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