Why Should You Use Warm Water & Dish Soap For All Your Domestic Cleaning Needs?

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-08-16 06:54:49
Why Should You Use Warm Water & Dish Soap For All Your Domestic Cleaning Needs?

There’s no doubt that dish soap is one of the most used cleaning products, especially for domestic cleaning purposes. This is because of the immense versatility as well as gentleness of the dish soap. You can use dish soap on any type of surface and it has proven to be more eco-friendly than any other commonly used household cleaners out there. 

Therefore, in this comprehensive blog post, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the various reasons why using dish soap & warm water seems to be the ideal choice for domestic cleaning requirements. 

Reasons To Utilise Warm Water & Dish Soap For Domestic Cleaning

  • It’s Eco-Friendly

According to a professional bath cleaning company, one of the primary reasons why we think that dish soap is a fantastic domestic cleaning item, is because of its environmental friendliness. Back in the day, most dish soaps tend to use phosphates, which were undoubtedly an environmental hazard. This is because when phosphates get mixed up with water in streams & lakes, they lead to algal bloom, leading to reduced oxygen levels in these water bodies. Ultimately, the aquatic animals die over time. But, the good news is that - dish soaps nowadays don’t use phosphates. 

One thing to note here is that - when choosing a particular dish soap, make sure that you choose one that doesn’t have a compound known as triclosan. Triclosan is defined as an anti-bacterial agent and when it gets released into the environment, it breaks up into dioxins which get absorbed by plants. The primary concern with triclosan is that - it can reduce the microbial breakdown of wastes at processing plants, which is why it’s ideal to choose a dish soap that has neither triclosan nor phosphates. 

  • It Doesn’t Have Any Strong Chemical Odour

If you’ve used dish soap previously, then you must know that even though it’s a very powerful cleaning agent, it doesn’t have any intense chemical odour. So, when you decide to use dish soap for your cleaning needs, you don’t have to worry about any lingering, strong chemical odour inside your home. And that’s a massive advantage. 

Artificial fragrances from chemical agents can cause breathing & headache issues, not only for human beings but also for pets. That’s why you’ll see most grease cleaners come with strong odours. However, with dish soaps, you can say goodbye to strong scents while still having the cleaning prowess. 

  • It’s Safe To Use On Most Surfaces

When it comes to versatility, dish soap along with warm water always has the upper hand. The mixture can be used on most surfaces including wood, granite, ceramic, marble and so on. This is because most dish soaps tend to have a PH that ranges between 7 to 8. 7 means neutral like water or 8 means slightly alkaline. On the other hand, using other cleaners can lead to surface damage since they tend to be more acidic or alkaline than regular dish soap. 

And even after being so gentle, dish soap along with warm water continues to be an effective cleaning component for your domestic cleaning needs. 

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