Contact Lenses vs. Laser Eye Surgery: Which One Is Worthy?

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Publish Date : 2021-03-23 07:41:40
Contact Lenses vs. Laser Eye Surgery: Which One Is Worthy?

If you are not a glass-person then contact lenses can be your choice to improve the vision. But how about choosing a cost-effective solution to this problem in the long run?

Yes, Laser Eye Surgery is the best substitution to your vision problems in the long run. Here, we will put light on every prospect of the contact lenses and laser eye surgery to guide you to choose the best one for your problem. So, let’s start....

Contact lenses

Also known as corrective lenses, these are worn in the contact to the eye. It effectively corrects certain vision issues like astigmatism, long-sightedness and near-sightedness but for a temporary manner. On the other hand, laser eye surgery offers long-term as well as permanent solution. Moreover, you have to re-buy them such as monthly cases disposing off a pair on a daily basis.

Some pros of contact lenses

Definitely contact lenses possess many advantages over glasses but it can’t offer such wide range of pros which provided by the laser eye surgery. Certain contact lenses pros are discussed in the following:

  • You are free to be active more- It is less restrictive in contrast to glasses whilst it is about enjoying sports. But you have to put off them during relaxing in sauna or swimming.
  • It offers much better view than that of the glasses- It conform the eye’s curvature and thence you don’t need frames for obtaining a clear vision.
  • Best alternative to glasses- In case you are not like a glass-person, then contact lenses can be your choice as the alternative.

Some cons of contact lenses

  • You have to get familiar with it- If you touch your eyes often or squeamish it then it is not for you. At first you are advised to get familiar with it along with easy putting on and removal method.
  • An infection risk is always there- Contact lenses can be the main culprit to develop eye infection like microbial keratitis which gets severe if it is not addressed for a long period of time. Lenses should be cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis for keeping the chance at bay. Otherwise, it is better to prefer daily disposable lens yet it can turn out to be quite hefty in the long run.
  • These are not convenient- It can easily fall off from the eyes and can get lost. Hence, carrying along a spare lens pair is always suggested including cleaning fluid no matter wherever you go.
  • It can’t be permanent solution- It only provides temporary solution for allowing you to see things clearly. The solution proves to be quite expensive if continue in the long run.
  • Sleeping and showering is not recommended while putting on contact lenses- You must put them off during these activities otherwise you are prone to develop an infection in the eye with this bad habit.

Contact lenses expenses

In general, it costs anywhere from £90 to £360 depending on the supply of disposable lenses. Hence, approximately, in tenure of 10 years, it will actually cost £3,600. The cost is excluding the glasses expenses which you have to definitely pay as contact lenses are not recommended to put on throughout the week. 

Laser eye surgery

It is a unique vision correction procedure which corrects both long and short-sightedness efficiently including astigmatism. The procedures involves using of laser light or ray for reshaping the cornea of the eye so that focus can be improved to allow the patients to see things crystal clear. It eradicates the necessity or reliability of the patients on contact lenses or glasses completely forever. 

Pros of laser eye surgery

It possesses numerous advantages over contact lenses and glasses which are mentioned below for your reference:

  • A long-term and permanent solution- While you need to replace glasses and contact lenses at regular intervals, it offers permanent solution for the rest of your life. Although the vision gets improved over the course of time yet it lasts longer than any other vision correction solution.
  • Enhanced freedom- By contact lenses or glasses, you have to carry them along also spare lenses and the fluid must be included in it. But with this surgery you don’t have to bother regarding carrying any such and you can easily go for sauna or swimming without any hesitation.
  • Boost up the confidence- It spikes up your confidence level as you don’t have to be self conscious with having glasses while taking snapshots and selfies.
  • No chance of infection- As contact lenses can heighten the chance of infection there is no as such with laser eye surgery. But you have to be careful till your eyes get recovered completely.

Cons of laser eye surgery

While you have undergone laser eye surgery it is normal to get concerned regarding its potential risks. Although it comprises of very rare complications yet it can be treated with further treatments. Some possible risks about which you should aware are given as:

  • Dry eyes- Right after the procedure, it is natural to experience slightly uncomfortable and dry eyes. By applying the eye drops as per surgeon’s instructions, you will be able to get rid of it soon.
  • Vision may not get perfect- Obviously, laser eye surgery enhances the vision remarkably but it consumes some time. You will not be able to observe any outcome in the initial phase. Sometime you need to wear glasses for certain tasks as well like night driving or reading small printed words. If it persists for long them a free top-up process is done for improvising the vision perfectly.
  • Halo or glare effect- Once the treatment is done, for the first few days you will experience halo or glare effect. It will subside down within a couple of weeks and the vision gets improved completely within three-month.
  • Flap complications- As flap is created during this procedure sometimes it doesn’t get healed properly. By strictly adhering to the after-care instructions provided by the surgeons, one can keep this risk at bay.

Laser eye surgery expenses

You can find out the cost of laser eye surgery at Optimal Vision. Although it can be hefty for some of the patients yet more cost-efficient in the long runs in contrary to that of buying contact lenses or glasses.

Also at Optimal Vision, you can obtain flexible payment options and flat £1000 off with any eye treatment. Hence, you can get the most suitable treatment without paying much penny from your pocket in the go!

If you weigh the factors then you might come up with the best choice. Otherwise, you are advised to book a free consultation with one of our ophthalmologists. You will get the access to raise any concern you have regarding the surgery. We are facilitating flexible appointment booking service for your convenience. If you are still in confusion then, find out more about laser eye surgery here.

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