Step By Step Procedure To Apply Hair System

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Publish Date : 2021-03-09 13:22:20
Step By Step Procedure To Apply Hair System

As hair systems are growing in popularity, it's essential to know their pros and cons and the proper procedure to attach it yourself. After you buy a hair system that suits you, you need to style it and attach it to your scalp. The good news is that applying a mens hair system is relatively easy if you follow our step-by-step process. Read on to see how you can attach and secure a hair system at home.

Steps for Successfully Applying a Men's Hair System

  1. Prepare your hair: Comb your hair to remove any tangles. Then pull back your natural hair away from your hairline to not be visible after putting on a hair system.
  2. Prepare the skin: If you are completely bald, clean your scalp thoroughly to remove oil or dirt from your hairline. Doing this will help the liquid adhesive or tape bond to the hair system.
  3. Shave off the stray hair: If you have some stray hair growing in your balding areas, remember to shave them off so that they do not obstruct the hair system bond.
  4. Apply the scalp protector: To prevent skin irritation, apply a good-quality scalp protector to those parts of your scalp where you need to bond your hairpiece.
  5. Wear the wig cap: This is an optional step if you don't have hair. But in case you have come growing hair, then a wig cap is highly recommended. Choose between a net wig or a skin-colored nylon wig cap. For applying it, gently stretch the cap on your scalp and line it up with your hairline. Ensure that all your real hair is underneath it. Then attach it in the right place with a few bobby pins on the outer edges.
  6. Apply the adhesive: The application method will differ if you use a liquid adhesive or a hairpiece tape.

How to Apply Adhesive and Attach Hair Systems

Liquid hairpiece adhesives are also called bonding adhesives. They are available in both silicon and water-based formulas. Silicone-based ones are more popular as they are stickier and allow for a healthier hair system bond. Here is how an average liquid adhesive works:

  1. Brush a thin layer of adhesive on the scalp. If you need to apply more than one layer, ensure that it dries first before applying the next one.
  2. After it dries, tap it gently with your fingers to check if it is ready.
  3. Now, you could apply a positioning spray so that the adhesive doesn't dry entirely when you are adjusting your hair system on your scalp.
  4. Place the front of the men's hair system on your hairline. Then, slowly move back to ensure a good fit.
  5. Press down the hair system so that it fully bonds with the adhesive.
  6. Check the edges of the hair system to ensure it is fully bonded. Lay down all the edges, and then press gently.
  7. Avoid wetting your hairpiece, and don't exercise for the first day after bonding it.

Applying Hairpiece Tape

Be careful while placing the double-sided tape strips along your hairline to secure it firmly to the skin. To ensure that moisture can sneak out when you are sweating, leave some small spaces between every strip of the tape.

Hairpiece Tape

If you prefer some simpler attachment, try using hairpiece tape. However, this might have a shorter holding period. The method of using this tape is as follows:

  1. Choose the hairpiece tape to suit both short and long-term holds.
  2. Cut small pieces of the tape.
  3. Peel one layer off it and stick the tape on the inside edges of your hairpiece.
  4. After you are satisfied with the tape's positioning, then you can peel off the next layer.
  5. Position the men’s hair system on your scalp and press the outer edges to get a stronghold.

Toupee Clips

Toupee clips are another option for securing your hairpiece. These small metal clips are used to attach your hair piece to your growing hair. There is a part of the clip that looks similar to a comb. That part is passed through your real hair and locked there. These clips are secure and quite comfortable. The advantage is that you can use these clips many times on the same hairpiece. But it would help if you kept changing the location of the toupee clips every time to prevent repeated stress on your hair, which can result in hair loss.

Feel confident with a secure hair system bond, and look your best! Once the hairpiece is fully bonded to your scalp, you could style it any way you want.

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