Visualize the Voom and Vibe That Valentines Day Brings to You and Me

Author : LucasChurchill
Publish Date : 2021-06-01 18:07:01
Visualize the Voom and Vibe That Valentines Day Brings to You and Me

Visualize a time when the vibe of loving wishes and unity can be felt everyday. The sound of a loud boom- instantly calling love to you would be so much fun if you could celebrate a great heartfelt holiday at any time of the year! Valentines' Day wishes to you and to all of your loved ones. Why you question would anyone think to speak about Valentine's Day in September? Remember what the day is said to symbolize: Valentine's Day wishes in September is sure to render questions and most importantly: The message will be received by all loud and clear- someone is thinking of touching your heart today and can't wait another five months to show heartfelt expression of love and appreciation for the value that you bring to me and you and to everyone that is blessed to be a part of your life story. Show someone hurting out there how much you would love to help, support or exhort them in love, peace, and harmony. Heartfelt well wishes to all of you beautiful, exuberant, vivacious souls out there!

A day of love is when we all publicly allow our heart-loving expression to be made manifest; displayed into the world: love to be expressed into gifting rituals and acts of kindness: a day of love, gifting of chocolate and flowers; love openly expressed and wished to others; love of self- don't forget to appreciate the giver of love as much as the recipient receives; albeit in a balanced, constructive and private tone.

LOVING ACTS OF KINDNESS-sent out into the universe for all of our lovers and loved-ones; neither love is greater; both types of love are beautiful, nurturing, and yet distinctly different. We can also add the love of humanity- we are all more happy and content giving and receiving love than any other emotion. Let's make the planet vibration higher by showing one another more love, peace and compassion by helping our fellow man, who is hurting, suffering or experiencing the looming of growing pains of changes on the planet. Economic concerns, weather related worries, civil unrest or whatever the issue, we need to give and receive love and understanding now more than ever before. There truly is a global need for love, love of sister, brother, friend or father, the unexpressed love for humanity must come across in your actions too!

It's called the universal energy of love;society in synchronicity; for all living beings to fill their heart-warming sense of love; filling their vacuum of love to be replenished or demonstrated openly...

Heartfelt well wishes are when we take a day for genuine, unprovoked expression* openly demonstrated; yet exclusive to loved ones, and all-inclusive to your fellow man;

A sharing of thoughtful heartfelt giving of love from one beating heart to another. The love shared from oneself to another, or other beautiful recipients.

Who's your valentine this year? I'll bet you have many. Maybe your mom, whose loving heart brings you joy and peace; maybe your father, whether he's here, or gone away to help God and the angels take care of you and me...

The festivities, or reason for showing heartfelt expression, has been recognized and appreciated for many years and shall be celebrated for many more to come.

Did you think about my question?

Whom is your Valentine?

Your brother, or sister, maybe you only have one; and his heart warms you soul, not just on Valentine's Day, but his heart warms your soul year-round, and you desire to recognize him on this emotive, heart-appreciating day..

Maybe your Valentine is Mr. Smith, the grocery store manager, or Billy the store carry-out clerk that drives the extra mile for you and takes your groceries straight to the car; as he patiently waits for you when you, to tie your shoe, or your impromptu act of sorting through your purchases and organizing your fruit selection.

Valentine's Day is:

Just to recognize and let the world know,

Everyone is a valentine's day candidate;

All you have to do is be bold enough or honest enough with yourself and your loved one(s),

And openly express your red, ripe, loving giving, lovingly, openly-expressed wish.

Before you get on with the daily business that may overtake your time and ability to get those giving words of love to your valentine.

Remember to express your heartfelt gratitude and tenderness to those who touch your heart the most- whether in subtle ways or acts of kindness,unspoken gratitude or unbridled compassion for humanity, it's all the same. The heart beats stronger when you and me show our love, compassion, appreciation and understanding for our fellow man whom is fighting a battle and deserves a valentine day hug, smile or even a piece of heart-shaped candy. Warming the heart of another may just warm your own heart in the process.

Make the time to state your appreciation: make it known, before the today is gone and over for 2016."

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

* "MY husband, who stands by me, my father, whom is up in Heaven, I love you gentlemen always. Everyday for me is Valentine's Day when I think of each of you."

Enjoy Valentine's Day, or at least what it symbolizes, remember to express your heart openly before the year ends. To everyone that has a beating heart: let your words recognize and epitomize the importance of love in your life and i shall do the same in mine.

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering knowledge continuously!

Engagement Parties are not only for fun and entertainment, but also a way of socializing and eating together. When my sister was getting engaged, the preparations and decorations that actually led to the party are still very much indelible in my memory. What makes an engagement party so glamorously special and memorable? Read on to find out!

My sister and I were at the parlor getting dressed. While I wore a burgundy saree, my sister wore a red one. I wore burgundy roses in my hair and had make-up fixed by the hairdresser. My sister took a long time getting dressed - she had her nails done, her hair and her face decorated beautifully - so she looked like a beautiful bride-to-be at the end of the process. Her Prince Charming was abroad and his mom had come out with the proposal of engagement while she was here with her remaining family.

After my sister and I were fully dressed, we drove a long way back home near about which in a restaurant was held the actual party.

Our mom had come and relatives started arriving. The video armed man started taking videos of all those who entered the huge hallway. Other guests arrived and finally the would-be bridegroom's family made entrance. There was a lot of hustle and bustle as they made their way into the hallway.

There were dinner tables in red and white arranged around the hallway. There was low music in the air. There were dim colored and white lights adding to the pomp and show. The bride-to-be had a spectacular comfortable sitting arrangement. The mom of the bridegroom-to-be handed over the ring to my sister's long and fair ring finger. And the guests clapped and applauded.

This to-be bridegroom's family was given extra attendance and care and so were the rest of the guests in treating them dinner. It was a grand dinner of mixed fried rice, grilled chicken, sizzling beef, vegetarian dishes, prawn dish and drinks.

After a while, the to-be bridegroom's family left. We relaxedly had a chitchat among all close relatives as many guests left. After a little talk among ourselves and relaxing and paying off the bills, my gorgeous sister and I finally returned home, putting an end to the party.

Engagement parties like this are great for socializing and eating out, without having the real burden and workload of an actual wedding party. A pre-wedding entertaining party dining out forms a way of enjoyment and recreation with relatives, friends and other close people with whom we want to keep in touch and keep closely bonded for years together.

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