5 Most Common Reasons for Cell Phone Repair and Solutions

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Publish Date : 2021-05-19 09:09:37
5 Most Common Reasons for Cell Phone Repair and Solutions

Cell phones have become a staple part of life today and have played a non-parable role in everyday tasks such as communication, social media and internet surfing, taking photos and videos, and setting up. of an alarm, to name a few.

So much so that most of us get used to smartphones and our devices still work fine. However, mobiles are ultimately machines susceptible to errors, drops and other damage over time. And whenever they develop a problem, you can't help but panic and imagine that they will have to be entrusted with the repair of their cell phone.

The good news is that a host of mobile problems can be easily fixed at home, especially if you know what is causing them. While you may not be able to fix some of them on your own, you will know their root cause and the solutions will allow you to treat them like a professional.

So, in this article, we have written the five most common cell phone repair causes and how to fix them. If this can't help then you can also find best cell phone repair near me.

1] Broken phone screen

Do you know that most of the phone users around the world have encountered the broken screen issue at least once? The main reasons why this happens are:

  • Accidental fall
  • Push the phone due to traffic jam in crowded place
  • Fits over the phone while it's in the back pocket
  • Accompany the phone with metal keys in your pocket, etc.
  • While it is obvious to panic while looking at your damaged phone screen, then you had better avoid wasting too much time regretting and researching possible solutions. Check if your phone's screen is covered by the manufacturer's warranty or insurance. Some phone brands offer screen protection under their warranty.

When the phone screen is damaged, the most realistic solution is to have it repaired or replaced at a reputable repair center, preferably your brand's authorized service center. This will ensure that you get a professional and affordable original screen replacement.

2] Charging port problem

When your phone experiences a slow or no charge, the main culprit is usually a faulty charging port. There is a small metal connector on the USB port that does not connect properly to the charger cable. The reason could be one of the following:

  • Dust or dirt is blocking the switch or preventing adequate power to the unit.
  • Caused by corrosion when your phone is wet or placed in high humidity environment.
  • Property damage, usually when you drop the device
  • You can solve this problem successfully at home if it is not related to the hardware. Clean the door with a needle and soft cotton.
  • Carefully adjust the plug towards the center or according to the shape of your charger.

But before you try this trick, remember to use another data cable and a different charger to confirm that the port is the culprit.

If the problem persists, visit the nearest professional mobile phone service center.

3] Water damage

Have you spilled tea / coffee on your phone? Or has your phone been submerged in a water bath / swimming pool or worse in the toilet? Whatever the cause, water damage is unsightly and often causes irreparable problems for your smartphone.

You can try the tips below to prevent water damage to your phone.

  • Take your phone out of the liquid and turn it off immediately
  • Divide all the components like battery, SIM card, SD card, protective case and put them in a dry place.
  • Use a soft cloth or cotton swab to remove water from these parts.
  • Try the classic trick of rice or silica gel to bring your phone back to life. Take a bowl filled with rice or pebbles in a plastic bag. Keep your phone on it for a few days. These tips have been proven to work with many lucky users.
  • Prevention is always better than cure. You can protect your phone from liquid damage by using a waterproof bag (readily available in the market) when you go to the pool or the beach. The bags are also effective when you are in the rain with your phone.

4] Fast battery discharge

This is another common telephone problem that phone users often face when repairing cell phones. Let’s first look at why your phone’s battery drains faster than normal, then the solutions below:

  • Do not close applications in the background - Make sure you close applications when you are not using them, including those that are running in the background.
  • Third-party application or Glitch system: In this case, restarting the device may be an effective solution. If necessary, use the phone in safe mode. If the battery is operating normally in safe mode, the problem is with the third-party application. Then delete recently downloaded applications.
  • Using too many applications also causes battery problems. Delete the applications you are using. Also, check to see if a particular application is consuming too much power. Settings >> About your phone >> Battery usage. See a list of applications and how much battery they use. You can delete applications that are not needed but still run on battery power.
  • Update your phone system and software to the latest version. You can check Settings >> System Updates to see if an update is available for your phone.
  • Too many messages and messages are displayed regularly. You can close them. Settings >> Manage apps >> Notifications. Turn off the message if necessary.
  • Wrong charger or wrong charging system. Make sure you use the original charger. Also use rule 20-80 to load. This always means that the battery must be between 20% and 80% charged.

5] The speaker does not work

If your phone's speakerphone starts to cause problems, first check the headphone jack. Is your device still in headset mode? In that case, restart the phone. This should eliminate the clutter caused by buggy applications.

Then make sure the speaker settings are correct. Check if the volume is too low. Increase the volume and see if it works.

Another thing worth noting is the "Do Not Disturb" mode. Make sure it is not turned on, as this may cause the speaker to malfunction. You can check it in Settings >> Do Not Disturb.

If the above methods do not work, try "factory reset" as a last resort to fix the "speaker not working" problem at home. Don't forget to restore the data first, because restoring the factory settings will erase all data on your phone.


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