Cancel the subscription anytime and get back the money

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Cancel the subscription anytime and get back the money

When you subscribe to the antivirus license on your device; you can use all of its premium tools. Indeed the free antivirus plan is also available for your system but they can't help you a lot. If you are a netizen and want a better online workplace then you will require a premium antivirus. Purchase antivirus for your device and then install it on your system. Sometimes, users don't like the services of antivirus or want to try another plan then they cancel the subscription. If you cancel your subscription within 30 days then you can easily get your refund. 


How to get a refund on McAfee subscription?

McAfee antivirus has various security plans for users. But not all plans for McAfee antivirus don’t have refund policies. McAfee also provides a monthly service to the user. You pay the amount and then use the tools for a month. After a month, you can renew it. The refund feature is not available on the McAfee monthly plans. But if you are using the yearly McAfee antivirus setup then you can easily cancel the subscription and get your refund.


Cancelling McAfee paid subscription


McAfee antivirus has lots of premium plans. Users often can’t decide which McAfee plan to purchase. If you have installed a McAfee plan and now you don’t like some of its features then cancel it. You can easily cancel your subscription within 30 or 60 days (according to plan). After canceling the subscription; your premium tools won’t work and then you can contact the McAfee technical team for a refund.

  1. Open the browser on your system
  2. Search for the Mcafee website
  3. Go to the My Account button and enter your credentials
  4. Log in to your McAfee antivirus account

On the subscription tab, click on the active McAfee antivirus plan. Select the Cancel button next to it. You will immediately get a McAfee wizard asking for the confirmation. Select the Yes button on the screen. When your McAfee antivirus plan gets canceled; you will get the confirmation email. Now go to the McAfee website and go to refund. Enter the asked details. McAfee's team will inspect all the details and provide you with the refund on your account shortly. After canceling the plan, your McAfee tool will expire.


Cancelling McAfee antivirus free-trial


Finding a perfect antivirus for the system is not easy. But McAfee antivirus has some good plans for you. You can try every McAfee plan for free. Users can go for the free trial and install the paid McAfee setup for free. Users can provide the billing details while installing the setup or they can also enter the details after completing the free trial period. Go to the McAfee site and choose a good trial plan for your device. Now on the billing page, type the bank details. The payment will not occur now. You can use the tools for the whole month. If the plan is good then don’t cancel the subscription. After completing the free trial, the payment will appear on your provided bank details. In case, users don’t want to use that McAfee plan then cancel it before a month. If you haven’t provided the payment details initially then you don’t have to cancel it. After a month, the McAfee subscription will get canceled automatically. If you want to use the plan then provide billing details and purchase the license.


How to cancel McAfee antivirus auto-renewal?


McAfee refund issues mostly appear on the auto-renewal service. When the user’s McAfee antivirus plan is under auto-renewal; it will get renewed without the user’s concern. Sometimes, users don’t want to renew the plan but the auto-renewal service renews it automatically. When your McAfee gets auto-renewed; you can cancel it immediately and then ask for a refund. Open your McAfee subscription window and cancel the auto-renewed plan. Fill the refund form and get your money easily. Open your McAfee antivirus account and then check the auto-renewal service. Cancel the subscription and now you will see the remaining days on license expiry. Don’t worry about the remaining days on your McAfee license. Users can access McAfee features till the expiry date. After the expiry, you can either use another plan or can renew your McAfee antivirus manually.

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