Solve the printer device errors

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Publish Date : 2021-05-08 07:05:14
Solve the printer device errors

Printer devices can get into error anytime. As hardware, it can get errors due to various reasons. Your printer can show the errors due to internal as well as software or file issues. Users can inspect the error and then find the solutions for troubleshooting the error.


The printer is not available


While taking the printout, if your printer is not appearing on the available devices list then you need to check for the printer connection. The not available issue appears when the printer is not connected to the commanding device. When you have connected the system with the computer using the cable then reconnect it. Also, check the cable for any damage. If the cable seems damaged or loose then try to connect the printer with another cable. The user can connect his device to the computer or phone with Wi-Fi direct. When your printer is not available; inspect the Wi-Fi connection on both devices. Disconnect your printer from the shared network and try reconnecting it.


The printer is showing Offline status


Many users reported that their printers are connected to the device but it is showing the offline status. You can face an offline error when the driver is not working. The printer will show Epson 0xf1 due to corrupted drivers even when the printer is connected to the computer. For changing the printer status to online; the user has to inspect the installed printer driver. The driver needs to be in working condition to communicate between the devices. Go to the connected computer and open the printer driver. Check if there are any corrupted files. Repair the driver files for troubleshooting the error. If you can’t repair those files manually then reinstall them. Before reinstalling the new driver; remove the corrupted printer setup. Reinstall a fresh printer driver and now go to the printer's folder. Open the available list and check whether your printer is available or not.


Fade printouts


When the printer starts giving the fade printouts; you have to use the cartridge. Check the level of the ink on your cartridge. The printer starts giving the faded printouts when the ink level is low. Get a new cartridge for the printer. If the cartridge seems costly then refill the ink. Always purchase good quality ink for the printer. The cheap ink will give you faded printouts. The printer also shows the print quality issues due to the printhead. When you are using the printer without cleaning for a long time; its printhead will get clogged. Users can remove the dried ink from the printhead. Use a clean cloth and alcohol-based cleanser for removing the dried ink. You can also go for a utility tool for printhead cleaning. Use the tool about 3-4 times for deep cleaning. Now tap on the Test button and you will get the test printout. You can also get the printing error when the paper you are using is either thick or thin. Get good quality pages for improving the printout quality. Sometimes your printer gets the faded printouts when the printhead is not receiving proper heat. The printing elements can’t imprint on the pages.


The printer is running very slowly


Your printer can show you the speed errors due to numerous reasons. If you are switching the cable printing to wireless then getting speed issues is common. Printers always work better on wired connections. Keep the printer near to your router to improve the speed. When the printer becomes old then speed issues are natural as the hardware speed decreases with time. Also, colored printouts take more time than black and white ones. You can speed up your printer by switching the print mode. Choose draft mode and the print quality will decrease whereas the speed will increase. You can use this method for printing simple documents.


Paper Jamming


When the printer gets into the paper jam; clean the printer. Open the device and check its rollers. If you see any junk; take it out. Use a clean cloth and remove all the dust from the device. Now, check its input tray. Take out the pages and then align them correctly. Your paper jam error will get fixed and the user can take the printouts. When you can’t repair your printer manually then you can ask the professional printer support team for help.

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