Web Accessibility Checklist Beginners Should Follow

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Publish Date : 2021-05-07 10:46:59
Web Accessibility Checklist Beginners Should Follow

The modern, twenty-first-century world is quite considerate towards differently-abled people. Gone are the days when such people used to be dependent on others for the simplest things like movement. Education and work were the fields that were far from their reach. However, human beings are trying their best to use the technology and create ease for such people.

Using the websites was also a real challenge for the differently-abled people up until the recent past. However, the websites of present times follow the web accessibility checklist, which helps them ensure to provide quality user experience to differently-abled users too. If differently-abled people fall in the range of your target audience or you just want to increase the traffic of your website, developing one that follows a web accessibility checklist is the best option.

Keep scrolling down this article to explore the web accessibility checklist for beginners and follow that to ensure the perfect accessibility of your website.

Top 6 Checkpoints to Improve Accessibility of Your Website

Technology is meant to create ease and comfort for human beings. While most of us might be able to fight with the biggest challenges and fail to solve the smallest puzzles. The same is the case with differently-abled people as they rise above their challenges and have to deal with issues like not being able to use a website due to its difficult features. You can eradicate this discomfort by developing an accessible website.

Here are some of the key checkpoints you can follow to improve the accessibility of your website and add ease to the life of such people.

Include Labels with Form Control

The first and foremost checkpoint you can follow to improve the accessibility of your website is including labels with a form control. Suppose you are adding a form for search or username; you have to mention the words alongside to boost accessibility. Taking care of such little details is critical for the cause, which amateur developers might miss. Therefore, most business and non-business organizations hire services of a web development company in Dubai to get a perfectly accessible website.

Add Alternative Text with Images

The next checkpoint you must follow to boost the accessibility of your website is adding alternative texts with images. Differently-abled people might not be able to understand and identify the images, which will limit their ability to use the website. If you include alternative text with it, they can either read it or hear it to understand it, so do not forget to add text with images.


One of the key checkpoints you need to follow to ensure perfect accessibility of your website is avoiding CAPTCHA. It is a complex text used to differentiate humans from bots. However, the differently-abled people might find it too difficult to guess it right. If they fail to guess it, they will not be able to use the website, which will add to their hurdles. So, avoid CAPTCHA and use a simpler verification method.

Identify Page Language and Changes

Another important web accessibility checkpoint you can follow to ease the life of differently-abled people is identifying the page language and changes. Suppose you are developing a website in Chinese or Arabic; identifying the page language will help special users know about it, even if they cannot see it. They will also be able to change the language into one they can understand easily.

Ensure Keyboard Accessibility of Interactive Elements

Another key checkpoint you must follow to ensure web accessibility of your website is ensuring keyboard accessibility of the interactive elements. For example, if you are adding dropdowns to your website, make it so the differently-abled users can handle it efficiently. It will help them use the website more fluently and get their work down without having to be dependent on others.

Ensure Users Can Avoid Mistakes

The last checkpoint you can follow to improve the accessibility rate of your website is ensuring the users can avoid mistakes. Suppose you require the users to enter their email address; adding an example of how an email address looks like will surely help the users to avoid any mistakes. It will also save their time and improve the quality of the experience. If you are not an expert developer, you must hire the services of a web development company in Dubai and let the experts develop a perfectly accessible website for you that attracts higher traffic.

Follow web accessibility checklist to improve user experience!

At times, the smallest things like language change and control form make it impossible for differently-abled users to navigate through the website without external support. It is high time we take care of making such people independent and confident, and developing an accessible website is the smallest contribution to the cause. If you do not know how to do this, contact the professional developers and let them develop a website that is smooth and easy for special users too.

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