Your guide to purchasing the right security camera for your home

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-11-02 11:56:12
Your guide to purchasing the right security camera for your home

When it comes to selecting a security camera for your home, you are bound to feel puzzled and even a tad overwhelmed, with the sheer variety that's available. Just keep in mind that not all security cameras often deliver as promised, irrespective of what the manufacturer may claim. Most security cameras do not deliver the perfect image resolution as promised and some even require you to pay a small monthly fee for maintenance as well. Sounds irksome, doesn't it? And that is why you need to check out this guide so that you'll know what to look for when it comes to selecting these cameras.

  • Select the type: The first thing that you need to work out is what sort of a security camera you are looking for? Are you looking for an indoor camera or an outdoor one? And if you happen to be looking for an outdoor one, have you a location in mind, or would a video doorbell come in handy? You need to figure out the answers to these queries as they can help you work out what sort of security cameras to go for. Additionally, you can also go for wireless security cameras when it comes to outdoors while your video doorbells are hardwired to your doorbell itself. Just keep in mind that your video doorbell cameras are more sturdy and can put up with any inclement weather but the same cannot be said of the wireless cameras. So choose wisely.

  • The power source matters: As you set out to purchase the perfect security camera for your residence, you need to keep in mind that the power source could well affect the number of cameras and types you can install at your home. While you can opt for several wireless models, and get them recharged once per week or month, there are only a few video doorbells in the market. That kinda limits your range and more importantly, can impede your selection as well. But all said and done, a battery-powered video doorbell makes for a better choice than a wireless one. 

  • Cloud storage: And as you select the camera, double-check to see if it comes with cloud storage as well. Compared to the other options in the market, including SD cards, cloud storage is the better option as it enables you to store vast amounts of data. But just keep in mind that many security camera companies often bill you monthly for using their cloud storage and only a few offer it for free, so that’s something that you may want to check upon.

  • Privacy: Just keep in mind that while you can safeguard your home and secure it with a good CCTV camera, you may still end up losing your privacy. Most of these security companies have weak defenses in place and almost anyone can hack in and view your home, through cloud storage, So that's something that you need to check up on as well. What you can do is to research these cameras online and find out how they rank, for their specs, their durability, and their privacy. That should clue you in as to which ones are good and which are the ones that you need to get installed at your residence.

With these points, you should be able to pick out the right cameras for your residence without much hassle.

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