Best places to buy mens wallet when shopping online

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Publish Date : 2021-05-05 11:56:11
Best places to buy mens wallet when shopping online

Dubai Wallet Leather

Mens wallets are the singular nonnegotiable accessory that all men carry. This becomes their signature statement accessory apart from the essential belt that is worn.

Mens leather wallets, when you are shopping online or in store, range from classic style to the more recent funky coloured ones. The constant style statement remains the material used - pure handcrafted leather that’s worked to create a handcrafted cross wallet.

Mens leather wallets come in different textures - usually though limited to the various shades of brown and black. The newest entrant is the powder blue that’s stunning especially the design that Kaizer carries in its Adroit collection.

The younger generation prefers wallets that are more fun than classy and can go to the other end of the spectrum where the wallets have their favourite characters etc. But that is for another day to discuss. For now, let’s concentrate on the leather wallet.

The Texture of Mens Wallet

Kaizer has a range of mens leather wallet that comes in a variety of textures making them stunning pieces of handiwork. There is our favourite, the Croco collection which has a distinctive croc leather look. The likes of Louis Vuitton mens wallets are sometimes not made of leather. They are purchased more for the brand name.

Hence, you will notice that the LV monogram is very apparent and takes centerstage. Unlike the Kaizer mens wallet where the focus is always and only on t eh best quality leather and the finesse in its handcrafting.

The lining of Minimalist Wallet

Lining is usually the inner fabric that used in a mens leather wallet. To achieve sleekness and reduce bulkiness in a wallet, the finest fabric should be used. The Kaizer wallets and cardholders use a fine polyester fabric between layers to finish off its masterpieces.

The stitch of Mens Slim Wallet

The thread work that you see running through and on the edges of the wallet referring to as the stitch. The stitch is an important part of the overall look of the front pocket wallet. For instance, a tone on tone stitch wallet is the most classic design. The contrast stitching (white on black) is within the classic genre but still a but still a bit out there.

Furthermore, mens wallets makes the best gifts. Depending on the personality of the person you are gifting to, you can choose a minimalistic wallet or a loud one. Additionally, wallets usually fall into the price range that one wouldn’t mind spending on a gift.


Our suggestions when you do look out for a good mens leather wallet whether for personal use or for a gift:

  1. If it is for a not so close person, pick a wallet that is a classic - go for the brown and blacks.
  2. Mens wallets now come in various textures. If you are unsure of the what the person may like - pick the classic smooth or glossy finish wallet. Any other texture would may be a good or not so good surprise.
  3. When looking for a mens leather wallet you can even consider a card holder or a money clip wallet. These are popular choices if you have already gifted a mens wallet before.

Finally, when shopping for mens leather wallets, we suggest that you shop online first to look at the entire range. If there is a voucher code available, as there is on the Kaizer website ( currently, you can avail of that. If you prefer buying in store, you can visit the website for the exact store location.

Happy shopping!


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