Door Lock with Fingerprint in Dubai: YDM4109

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Publish Date : 2021-05-05 12:37:44
Door Lock with Fingerprint in Dubai: YDM4109

Yale’s Smart Door Locks & Alarms secure summer holiday rentals

As summer heats up holiday rental bookings boom, with that comes the increasing requirements on landlords to provide a secure and seamless experience to guests to ensure positive reviews and repeat bookings.

Getting keys to guests, cleaners or maintenance staff can present a logistical challenge and an unnecessary hassle. Yale attributes a significant increase in Smart Door Lock sales over the past two years to the savvy landlords who are increasing profits and overall security of their properties.

Ahmet Astal, Vice President - Yale Middle East, says that the trend of letting out your own property or using holiday homes has grown exponentially thanks to the likes of Airbnb and similar booking agents, and with that has come the need to re-evaluate a smarter home security solution.

“Our research shows that 70 percent of people are more likely to invest in a smart door lock if it made it easier to handle key management when renting out their properties. All of the most common pitfalls are instantly mitigated with the use of smart door locks like the worry of lock outs, loss of keys and, who else might have a key cut to the door.”

Furthermore, the guest experience is enhanced with no delays upon arrival and peace of mind that their access code is unique to their stay. For the landlord, costs are driven down on management fees and precious time saved not having to be present at the front door to issue and collect keys.

When figures from Airbnb alone show they added more than one million listings between July 2018 and May 2019 and now have over six million worldwide it becomes apparent the scale to which people are using residential property versus traditional hotel accommodation.

“We have found that both the landlord and tenant’s overall experience is enhanced when glass door lock dubai products are in place, with both parties enjoying more freedom and most importantly knowing that they are secure,” continues (Name and Title).

Positive experiences are crucial in the online accommodation market as the majority of bookings are made based on assessing reviews and recommendations. Overall, the entire smart home security range is proving increasingly popular in this market as many landlords combine a number of products to enhance residential access security.

By combining Smart Door Locks and Alarms systems Dubai, landlords can tailor security to suit their needs. For example, the new Yale Sync alarm can be armed, disarmed or part-armed all through the Smart Home app from anywhere in the world.

The products in the Yale Smart Living range are the perfect solution for anyone opening up their property to holidaymakers as the connected security system is fully controllable from a smartphone.

“Having the ability to grant access to guests, cleaning and maintenance staff from any location and the control to disarm the alarm, lock and unlock doors is the ultimate peace of mind security solution.”

The fingerprint lock pioneer brings a new paradigm of locking.

This biometric locks combines brilliant technologies with a proven mechanical structure. With its incomparable beauty of aesthetic design and cutting-edge features qualifies itself as one of the most essential building locks for the contemporary housing. Enjoy the future life with YDM4109.

Yale YDM4109 fingerprint lock Dubai is a smart solution for residential & “light” commercial applications. 2 access solutions to open your door: fingerprint & PIN code. The innovative features, such as alarms, fake code or automatic locking will provide comfort and will increase your feeling of security.

This biometric fingerprint door lock in Dubai has three default credentials — fingerprint, PIN code, and mechanical key override. It’s advanced fingerprint verification technology guarantees more secure and convenient life.


Type: DIN type mortise door lock


- Pin code (6 to 12 digits)

- Fingerprint reader (up to 20 users)

Mechanical key: 2

Center distance: 72mm

Backset: 60mm

Colour: black

Door thickness: 40–80mm

Dimensions: front body 28.5 (D) x 68.6 (W)x320.7(H)mm; back body 37(D)x72.8 (W)x 306.6(H)mm

Integration: available upon request-RF link


Voice guidance

Smart touchpad

Anti-panic egress with safe handle

Alarm (break-in/damage)

Security/normal modes

Operation status notification

Low battery alarms & emergency power supply terminal with 9v battery

Automatic locking

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