Dubai Free Zone - How to Start a Business in Dubai

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Publish Date : 2021-04-06 20:26:16
Dubai Free Zone - How to Start a Business in Dubai

Planning on how to start a business in Dubai? If you are, then you are certainly not alone. Dubai is a bustling city with good telecommunications-penetration and all you really need to get started is to set up your business plan and get the necessary paperwork ready. But before jumping into launching your new company, let's take a look at a few of the considerations you have to keep in mind when starting and registering your company in Dubai.

Setting up your company requires you to obtain a business license from the Dubai Free Zone. The Free Zone regulates most aspects of foreign businesses and includes things like taxation and business registration. For instance, you will need a valid license from the Dubai Telecommunications Authority (DTA) to operate your telecommunications. Just because you are operating a company out of your home country doesn't mean you can skip this step.

You will also have to submit your Company Registration with the Dubai Interior Ministry. This is the last step before you can call yourself a legal company in Dubai. Just like when you are setting up any other company outside of the UAE, you will first apply for a Company Formation permit. When processing, ensure that you have all the relevant documents in order. Company Formation in Dubai requires you to submit an application to the emirate's Department of Business and Trade.

You will also need a valid bank account for your company. Before submitting an application for a business license in Dubai, it is important that you secure a suitable bank account. Once you have an account, you can proceed to opening a loan facility. However, when dealing with any international lender, ensure you are represented well. UAE banks are renowned for their transparency and lack of corruption. Therefore, only deal with a UAE based bank that has a good reputation.

After obtaining your Company Registration, you can continue on with the process of how to start a business in Dubai. However, you will need to choose the correct name for your company. You can choose between keeping your business name as is, or purchasing a trade name in Dubai. If you wish to purchase a trade name, you will need to visit a registered trade name dealer and purchase the name you require. In addition to a company name, you will also need your company registration number and an internet protocol address.

Another important Business Setup In Dubai on your journey on how to start a business in Dubai is to establish your company setup. This includes getting your office space and any equipment necessary for your international business. Your office space will depend on the requirements of your clients. If your business involves client interaction through phone and/or internet, an office in Dubai will be required. If your business involves international shipment, your shipment needs to be cleared through your designated courier company.

Once you have your business setup, you can proceed to how to start a business in Dubai with your chosen company. If your company has no office in Dubai, you can get a free consultation today to help you set up an office there. During your free consultation today, an expert will assist you in determining which type of office furniture you should purchase, which types of documents you will need for establishing your company, and the legal documentation required. Your free consultation today is a great time to decide how to go about setting up your office in Dubai.

How to start a business in Dubai starts with how to find an experienced emirate business professional to help you setup your office. During your free consultation today, you can get valuable tips to help you choose the right business professional to help you setup your office in Dubai. You can benefit from an expert's experience and knowledge of local customs, laws, and regulations in the free consultation today. Once you have made the right decision based on your free consultation today, you can begin the process of how to start a business in Dubai.


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