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On September 13, 2017, officially signed the creation of Groupe VYV, the leading mutualist, and solidarity social protection group. Thierry Beaudet and Joseph Deniaud co-chair the Group presentation conference that same day at the Maison de la Mutualité. This creation results from the merger of mutuals from the Mgen, Istya, and Harmonie groups, and is based on a triptych made up of a UMG, a USSAM, and a UGM.

The strategic and prudential UMG (Union Mutualiste de Groupe), the umbrella structure of the Group, is intended to steer the Group's overall strategy and to exercise control missions.

The USSAM (Union of Mutual Care and Support Services) is in charge of defining the Group's strategy in terms of health, social and medico-social activities.

The creation of the UGM (Union de Groupe Mutualiste) aims to bring together partners wishing to join the Group and not wishing or not able to join the UMG.


François Venturini is the General Manager of the Group and Jean-Louis Davet is Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

As part of the creation of Groupe VYV, Wavestone has the opportunity to support and contribute to the construction of this leading Group.


"VYV" or the emergence of a benchmark player in the social and solidarity economy, at the heart of a real social project

The creation of Groupe VYV aims to respond to the growing challenges facing the field of social protection since the 1990s: a slowdown in economic growth, development of unemployment and precariousness, rise in poverty and inequalities, aging of the population, increase in chronic diseases, and increase in health spending ...

In this context, the Group's ambition is twofold: to take part in the modernization of the social protection system and to support members more effectively, both about their health careers and through the challenges of daily life. 'they must meet.

This new benchmark player in the health ecosystem, in particular, combines the expertise of individual and collective complementary health, care offers, health networks and is also a pioneer in innovative e-health proposals. Groupe VYV now protects nearly 10 million people and has nearly 35,000 employees. It is thus positioned as the leading player in health insurance and the leading mutualist and solidarity social protection group.

The ambition of a global strategy, benefiting all of the Group's mutuals

From its creation, Groupe VYV guarantees the implementation of a global development and service quality strategy, shared by each of the affiliated mutuals.

This strategy will be based in particular on pooling and sharing of resources at the level of the UMG, the pivot of the common strategy, making it possible not only to consolidate the Group's base in the health sector but also to build new services. , in parallel with investments in new technologies, aimed at maintaining a strong link with members and continuously improving the quality of the services offered to them.

Members: the cornerstone of the Group's strategy

Members are positioned at the heart of the VYV project. The challenge is to offer them solidarity social protection, in parallel with an offer of care and support adapted and evolving throughout their life. This desire goes hand in hand with the determination to support companies in providing relevant solutions to their employees, particularly about their legal obligations.

Priority will also be given to maintaining the bonds of trust and proximity between the Group's various mutuals and their members. Particular attention will therefore be paid to respecting the identity of each of the mutuals while allowing them to take advantage of the Group's common development dynamic.


While the essential concern of the French is Health, the ambition of Groupe VYV is to find a way to guarantee better support throughout the stages of life.

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