Veneering - A Primer direction

Author : philiproger
Publish Date : 2021-05-04 19:41:26
Veneering - A Primer direction

i've what I take into account to be a moderate addiction to running with wooden veneers.

when you start to research the to be had veneers in the marketplace, it will become very hard for me to recognize any resistance to it, that a few humans have. maybe it is worry of the unknown.

For a few, it can be that veneered furnishings is notion to be not as good as stable timber furnishings. This couldn't be further from the fact. it can be the truth that some of the woodworking regulations are invalid for the usage of this cloth. Or perhaps the price of making an investment in a brand new aspect of an already costly interest. Or perhaps it is the concept of buying the equipment, and finishing up now not the use of it. best the character can answer these resistances to a brand new approach of woodworking.

I would love to offer an smooth, cheaper manner to "take a look at the waters", to discover if it's far for you. word I didn't say, in case your capable of it. you're.

first of all a few substances needed, that are cheaper. we are able to begin with a simple venture, which might be used for a number of element, or even that may be decided after
completing the veneering part.

the use of a small piece of M.D.F.,(medium density fiberboard), either 1/2" or 3/four" thick, and whatever length you have got laying around. Plywood will work for this too, be is not as solid as M.D.F. For those of you that are not conscious, there is an ultra mild model of M.D.F., that weighs about half of that of the ordinary product. The running homes are nearly snap on smile.

the following issue needed could be a few veneer. Woodcraft and Rockler both promote small
packs of *collection matched veneer.* this means the portions in the packs have been reduce from
the log, and saved within the order wherein they have been sliced. This ensures there will be little or no distinction within the grain pattern from one piece to the following.

those packs are available in numerous sizes, and range in fee from $ 25.00 to approximately $ 70.00. One element to keep in mind when disposing of them from the p.c., is to range them with a pencil. this could help you hold them within the equal order as they were removed from the log.

the subsequent object to buy would be veneer tape, that is available in various thicknesses, and additionally in a solid, two hollow, or 3 hole version. The most common is a medium weight, 3 hole tape. This tape have to be moistened and carried out to the *face* aspect of the veneer.

All of my slicing and matching is performed on the again side,or glue aspect, of the veneer.
cutting may be accomplished with a desk noticed, timber chisel, veneer saw, or scalpel. once I reduce
veneer, I commonly tape as a minimum one side of the veneer with blue painters tape, wherein it is to be reduce. If only taping one facet, it's far the back aspect. This way, the tape will assist maintain the slicing device from following the grain of the veneer. If it is a difficult veneer, like a burl, I constantly tape each aspects. This make chip loose joints possible.

while slicing the veneer with a desk noticed, sandwich the pre *taped* veneer among 
portions of plywood, which are screwed together. The great manner to do that is to make the
plywood longer than the veneer to be reduce. preserve the veneer parallel to the edge of the plywood. hold the screws inside the width of the finished width of the veneer. (just to prevent you from reducing through the screws). using your table noticed, rip one edge of the veneer. Now spin it round, or flip it over, and rip the other *pre taped* part.

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